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Collaborative Governance Model

Every nurse is concerned foremost with the quality and effectiveness of the care delivered to patients each day. Evidence-based practice anchors the nursing care we provide today and influences the delivery of health care into the future. Our governance structure represents a significant opportunity for professional nurses to improve the practice of nursing at MedStar Health and beyond.

MedStar Nursing follows a collaborative governance model, with seven professional councils that bring focus to various nursing roles across the organization—clinical nurses, nurse educators, informatics specialists, nurse leaders, and researchers.

Our governance structure offers an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration among nursing colleagues. It’s an environment where lively discussion and critical thinking lead to fresh ideas and innovative solutions to address the organization’s most pressing clinical issues.

MedStar nurses are encouraged to participate on a council that best reflects their roles and responsibilities. By pooling the expertise and talent of our nurses through councils and unit efforts, we are elevating the level of nursing practice across MedStar.

Our seven nursing councils include:

  • Nursing Practice Council: develops, reviews and updates system-level standards of nursing practice; ensures consistent evidence-to-practice implementation
  • Nursing Informatics Council: provides a critical connection between the bedside clinician and the electronic health record; contributes to ongoing design and implementation of clinical systems
  • Nursing Research Council: develops an evidence-based practice framework to ensure review of the latest scientific and scholarly finding and their incorporation into nursing practice; provides a resource for nurses pursuing research
  • Nursing Product Evaluation and Standardization Council: helps define and refine an evidence-based approach to selection of products that are cost-effective and deliver clinically acceptable outcomes
  • Nursing Professional Development Council: identifies system-level priorities for professional development of all nurses; fosters professional growth and commitment to life-long learning
  • Nursing Quality and Safety Council: designs, implements and evaluates a system-level nursing safety and quality improvement program; measures patient outcomes sensitive to nursing intervention and promotes continuous improvement
  • Nursing Patient and Family Education Council develops, reviews and updates system-level patient and family education materials in collaboration with other councils and groups