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At MedStar Health, nurses are an integral part of the care team, respected by physician colleagues and supported by a commitment to evidence-based care practices and professional development. Our Distributed Care Delivery Network provides opportunities to build your nursing career and explore practice in new and unique ways. Consider joining our team of 8,000 nurses who deliver quality care to patients every day.

Find out more about the many settings where nurses practice throughout the MedStar Health network. With10 hospitals and numerous outpatient and other healthcare environments, you are sure to find the right opportunity for your nursing career.

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Explore all current nursing opportunities across the entire MedStar Health system.

Career Advancement

This is an exciting time to be a nurse; the growth possibilities are tremendous. At MedStar Health, you’ll have amazing opportunities to take your nursing career in the direction you want it to go. We are committed to advancing the profession of nursing through evidence-based practice, a spirit of innovation and discovery, collaborative governance, and scholarship.

We have key relationships with universities and professional programs that provide education opportunities at every stage of career development. We strive to be a model that others look to for the future of nursing practice. We are particularly proud of our Academic Practice Partnership with The George Washington University School of Nursing, through which we foster an atmosphere of lifelong learning and collaboration that is enabling nurses to lead change and advance health.

MedStar nurses practice within a collaborative governance model that provides opportunities for leadership and continued learning.

Nursing Students

Nursing students considering where to begin their careers will find a wide variety of opportunities at MedStar Health, along with the mentoring and support to help you succeed.

MedStar Health is a part of the Nurse Residency Program of the University HealthSystem Consortium and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. This innovative program helps baccalaureate-prepared, new-to-practice nurses transition into their first professional position, and continue to learn and thrive in their new environment.

Explore all current nursing opportunities across the entire MedStar Health system.