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A Commitment to Quality and Patient Safety

Nursing at MedStar Health gives top priority to delivering quality care and ensuring patient safety. Our vision—to be the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health—requires an unwavering commitment to both.

We invite our patients to be our partner as we work to ensure they receive safe, high-quality care every time. Our patient-first philosophy combines care, compassion and clinical excellence in delivering:

  • Zero preventable harm: Patient safety is our focus
  • Highest quality of care: We will achieve the highest possible scores on all quality care measures
  • Transparency: We will share our successes, as well as the areas we are working to improve

National Standards

We measure ourselves against nationally established Nursing Quality Indicators to achieve the lowest possible rates for:

  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
  • Patient falls

The MedStar Way

Nursing, physician and administrative leaders at MedStar have developed a set of standards known as The MedStar Way. These actions are designed to transform and support nursing practice and patient care throughout the organization. The MedStar Way demonstrates the highly collaborative professional practice of nursing that encompasses patient- and family-centered care, multidisciplinary rounding, accountability, and teamwork.

  • Senior Leader Rounding: to promote communication and access within the nursing team
  • Multidisciplinary Team Rounding: to ensure consistent documentation, timely communication and discussion of the care plan between nurses and physicians
  • Nurse Leader Rounding: to support a culture of service, assess patient and staff needs and promote the patient and family experience
  • Nursing Staff Hourly Rounding: to anticipate and evaluate patient needs and improve safety and satisfaction
  • Nurse-to-Nurse Bedside Shift Reports: to ensure safe handoffs and keep the patient and family involved in the care plan
  • Huddles at the Beginning of Each Shift: to improve teamwork and communication and ensure timely response to issues or concerns
  • White Boards in Patient Rooms: to encourage communication, teamwork and efficiency and to assure the patient that the team is working together to provide optimal care
  • Post-Visit Phone Calls: to ensure quality clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction
  • Hospitalist Scripting: to enhance communication between the patient, family and physician
  • No Pass Zone: No MedStar associate (clinical or not) passes a patient’s room whose call light is on without asking what he/she needs—to improve responsiveness to patients by ensuring all associates and staff answer call lights
  • Associate Uniforms: to clearly identify care team members by role to patients and families.